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Noise treatment method of medium frequency furnace

At present, the mechanical industry widely adopts the Medium frequency heating equipment   for hot processing. Because of the high production efficiency of the intermediate frequency furnace, it is preferred by the users. However, due to the technical reasons of some manufacturers, some medium frequency furnace may produce a lot of noise at the same time.

What is the cause of noise, can it be eliminated, the answer is yes, first of all, the noise basically comes from the intermediate frequency furnace body, from the theory of electromagnetic induction, while the coil heats the charge, the coil will also be vibrated by the electromagnetic force, and the amplitude basically determines the size of the noise. (in fact, the charge will vibrate, the vibration of the small material will be large, and the vibration of the large material will be smaller. It is also related to the position of the material in the furnace) the noise mainly comes from the vibration of the coil, which can be explained by the fact that after reducing the vibration of the coil, the noise is obviously reduced.

Vibration model of IF furnace, vibration in radial direction, vibration of both ends along the axial direction,

1. Vibration along the radial direction

2. The vibration of both ends along the axial direction shows that for the axial force of the coil, the axial electromagnetic force* of the middle part is small, and when the stiffness of axial support force is insufficient, the vibration of expansion is displayed. Influenced by the radial force, the vibration is expanded in the circumferential direction. The results of electromagnetic force analysis on the copper tube sensor are shown in the table below. It can be seen that the radial force is basically constant and the axial force decreases from both ends to the center.

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