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Medium frequency induction heating equipment processing pipe fittings!

Nowadays, China has ushered in an intelligent era, a variety of intelligent products emerge in endlessly, Induction heat treatment equipment  is the “outstanding representative” of intelligent technology in pipe fittings heating equipment.Electric induction heating furnace can realize one-click start-up, automatic production, remote control, flexible heating, mature design and perfect green energy-saving configuration, which realizes the great leap of innovation and development of heat treatment equipment industry.


First, the charm of intelligent pipe heating furnace is unique, the realization of high level operation

1, quickly enter the working state: pipe heating equipment adopts special electromagnetic induction principle heating, more than 99% load, heating does not need preheating, direct production, open as you like, simple and convenient;

2, centralized control, high degree of intelligence: induction heating and quenching equipment adopts PLC system for centralized control, with touch screen display and operation, the whole set of equipment automation, high degree of mechanization, 24 hours of continuous production;

3, energy saving and environmental protection, improve the environment: the pipe fittings heating furnace is not as good as the traditional heating equipment, the waste gas smoke is produced in the production, which causes the phenomenon of high temperature around the pipe fittings. The pipe fittings heating equipment adopts electric heating, the heating efficiency is high, and the environmental protection production is realized.

4, the system protection device, safe and reliable: the pipe heating furnace is equipped with complete equipment protection device, equipped with over-current, over-voltage, overheating, water shortage, phase shortage and other automatic alarm devices, the production of the equipment is safe and reliable.

Second, pipe heating equipment, efficient operation of this pipe fittings heating equipment is a non-standard custom product, which needs users to provide the work-piece size, process requirements, production efficiency and other parameters of the equipment, and the manufacturer customizes the production technical scheme for the user. The work-piece processed by the whole pipe fitting heating equipment is more in line with the high standard material demand in various fields such as machinery, automobile, bridge, petroleum machinery and so on, and improves its service life. Pipe fittings heating furnace manufacturers provide a variety of accessories, users can freely combine, understand the specific induction heating equipment configuration scheme and equipment quotation, please consult our technical personnel in detail, far extension electromechanical will wholeheartedly serve you!


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