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Induction heating furnace performance advantages and equipment quotation!

Electric induction heating furnace is a very popular metal heat treatment furnace in the heat treatment market. Its main characteristics are to realize the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence, high efficiency, low carbon and so on. So how much is such a set of steel bar heat treatment furnace? This article will analyze the price of metal heating equipment, so that customers can better purchase and invest.

The advantage of induction heating equipment

1, according to the actual needs of customers, not limited by the work site, adapt to the harsh environment.

2, the medium frequency heating furnace adopts mechanical and electrical integration structure design, no cumbersome foundation installation work, convenient transportation, Save time and energy.

3, according to the actual needs of the user, can be single-machine operation, or can be combined with other machinery and equipment continuous production line operations, to meet the production needs of different customers.

4, high degree of automation, reduce the cost of manpower investment, Save operating cost.

5, green production, low noise, less dust, in line with environmental protection heat treatment production.

Induction heating equipment price analysis customers want to invest in metal induction heating equipment, its price is more concerned, then a set of medium-frequency induction heating equipment how much money? This is mainly related to the actual needs of the customer and the type of equipment selected. Because the induction heating equipment is a non-standard product, the manufacturer configures the appropriate type of equipment according to the actual production needs of the user and offers a reasonable quotation.


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