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How much is the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace for heating the deformed steel?

Thread steel is a kind of metal material used in the construction industry. It has great tensile strength and is widely used in the fields of house building, bridge, railway and so on. So what kind of equipment can be used to heat thread steel? The effect of selecting  Medium frequency heating equipment is good. The following is a detailed introduction for you.

drill rod heat treatment machine

1. Compared with the traditional metal heating equipment, the reheating furnace of rebar has the advantages of small footprint, compact structure and strong equipment-forming ability, which can be completed by feeding, heating and discharging a set of equipment.

2, the equipment adopts electromagnetic induction heating technology, the workpiece can be heated without touching the workpiece, the heating is uniform, the yield is high, and the application value of the finished product is high.

3, the transmission device of the main engine of the reheating furnace is roller drive, each roller table is equipped with motor, isolated and protected, keep the equipment running smoothly and safely, and the production process is reliable and stable.

4, using high-quality wear-resistant alloy materials to improve the wear-resistance of the whole equipment, reduce the failure probability of the equipment, maintain efficient operation, save the production cost of users.

5, advanced centralized electronic control device, can realize the metal heating site unmanned work, maintenance and inspection is very convenient, flexible operation, users are also easy to operate.


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