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How do we choose steel billet induction heating equipment?

With the continuous updates of technology and equipment upgrades, the types and models of steel billet induction heating furnace on the market are also increasing. Different models of equipment have significant differences in heating effects. So, with so many models of induction heating equipment, how do we choose them?

1. Heating power. Heating power is a key factor affecting heating speed and heating effect, and should be determined based on factors such as the material, shape, and size of the heating object.

2. Heating frequency. Heating frequency refers to the working frequency of induction heating equipment. Different frequencies are suitable for different materials and heating methods, and one should choose a frequency that is suitable for oneself.

3. Control method. The control methods of induction heating equipment include manual control, timed control, constant temperature control, automatic control, etc. Choose the appropriate control method according to actual needs.

4. Equipment stability and reliability. The stability and reliability of steel billet induction heating furnace are important guarantees for the use of induction heating equipment. Experienced, technically mature, and reliable manufacturers and brands should be selected.

5. Price and after-sales service. The price of induction heating equipment is related to factors such as quality, power, frequency, etc. It is necessary to choose a reasonably priced equipment according to actual needs and consider whether the after-sales service is complete.

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