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High price also has to choose the pipe electric heating device, why?

A new generation of Induction heating furnace, pipeline electric heating device, has broken the design concept of traditional induction heating equipment, the novel appearance of atmosphere, simple and smooth lines and international high-end configuration. Make the pipe electric heating device become the darling of the new generation.

Green technology pilot energy saving and high efficiency has the characteristics of power saving, no noise and so on. The variable power control technology of intermediate frequency power supply is adopted, which has higher reliability and power consumption economy. The independent heat dissipation system of power supply is adopted, the arrangement is flexible, the rotating speed can be adjusted automatically, and it has the advantages of low power loss and low noise. Can be designed and produced suitable for different specifications of workpiece, to meet the needs of different users.

Green intelligence pursues man-machine comfort with fully intelligent PLC control program, adopts torque converter with locking function to further improve transmission efficiency, and the power transmission system matches the whole machine perfectly. The power performance and power consumption economy of the electromagnetic induction heating equipment are brought into full play. The PLC console control button adopts the integrated design, the keystrokes are arranged and distributed neatly, and the operation is not complicated, which makes the whole operation process more comfortable.

The traditional structure of heating equipment has been unable to meet the needs of users. FOREVER electromechanical engineers have carried out arduous technological innovation, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the industry, and sought bottleneck breakthroughs through technological progress. The development and construction of a series of advanced technology induction heating equipment successfully applied in the world will continue, and the electric heating device of remote extension electromechanical pipeline will also continue to make progress. The equipment is convenient, intelligent and safe in operation. There is still a lot of room for development in terms of reduced operating costs, with the demand for electromagnetic induction heating equipment

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