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Building differentiation and improving sales and Brand of Induction heating equipment

With the recovery of domestic manufacturing industry, the market development form of Medium frequency heating equipment industry has gradually improved, and the demand for automation equipment such as Induction heat treatment equipment  has gradually climbed, which has injected new vitality into the market. Only in front of the increasing number of induction heating equipment manufacturers, this slow recovery is still a drop in the bucket, the competition between tubing and heating furnace manufacturers is still showing an increasingly fierce trend, competition must mean elimination, and if the fierce competitive market wants to maintain steady development and avoid being eliminated by the market, hot-rolled steel pipe equipment manufacturers must have their own competitive advantage. So that it can help manufacturers seize the initiative in the market.

The oil pipe heating furnace of the intermediate frequency heating equipment can make the customer truly satisfy the performance and unique advantages, and therefore, as the core of the production enterprise of the induction heating equipment, the difference and the superiority of the products in other industries are to be produced. The induction heating equipment is also very “young” compared with other traditional heating equipment, but after the high-speed development in recent years, the technical barriers are less and less, the homogenization phenomenon is more and more serious, and the induction heating equipment manufactured by a plurality of manufacturers is completely free from difference if not being used for marking, This phenomenon has seriously affected the price and brand image of the manufacturer’s medium-frequency heating equipment, so it is a necessary way for the development of the production enterprises of the induction heating equipment.

The difference is mainly reflected in the three aspects of quality, performance and appearance. These three core points are that hot-rolled steel pipe equipment production enterprises need to strengthen technological innovation, ensure the leadership of production technology, constantly optimize and improve, improve its practicability, stability, safety, reliability and stability, ensure customers’ production efficiency and enhance customers’ desire to buy. As one of the leading enterprises in the domestic induction heating equipment industry, FOREVER Electromechanical has been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad by virtue of its super research and development, production strength, adhere to independent innovation, continuous R & D and production of efficient, energy-saving intermediate frequency heating equipment.


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Post time: 07-15-2019