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You need to know about these before buying billet heating induction furnace.

You need to know about these before buying billet heating induction furnace.

The billet heating induction furnace is an important product of Forever company. It is easy understand that many users will choose our billet heating induction furnace. In China, there are four state-owned steel enterprises are using our billet heating induction furnace for more than 5 years. The billet heating induction furnace supplied by Forever is made in accordance with strict industrial regulations and through precise engineering design. The manufacturing precision of the matching transformer requires the possibility of error to 1/1000000 inches. Some billet heating induction furnace is required to work under peak load for a long time, and the characteristics of extremely fast heating rate remain unchanged, and must run continuously for several hours.

Talking about the operation status of our billet heating induction furnace for the five years, Vietnamese Vietnam customers said: “Forever billet heating induction furnace has excellent performance and high production efficiency. Medium frequency induction heating furnace has great heating power and low power consumption. Compared with other brand products, the efficiency of the medium frequency induction heating furnace is much higher. Under harsh working conditions, the billet heating induction furnace saves us a lot of operating costs.” Not only that, Forever also has been paying attention to the user’s real feedback to improve. For example, according to the special conditions of severe cold conditions, a more rapid heating equipment is developed to optimize the heat protection measures of the furnace body to improve the strength of the furnace and to prolong the life of the equipment.

Characteristics of billet heating induction furnace:

01: Excellent temperature rising speed: ensure the workpiece’s heating quality under the most severe working conditions.

02: High quality welding structure: the whole equipment life is long, most of the parts are welded so as to reduce equipment maintenance requirements.

03: Excellent performance for corrosion resistance: the whole equipment can operate in harsh water, especially in acidic water environment.

04: The possibility of oxidation of workpiece is very small: during the heating process, no oxidizing structure will be formed on the surface of the workpiece.

05: Good anti-wear and compression performance: under high temperature and impact load, it can still provide heating work for the workpiece, which can guarantee the life of the equipment and reduce the accident.


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