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You have to consider the two points of bar induction hardening and tempering machine

You have to consider the two points of bar induction hardening and tempering machine

Hebei Forever Factory is located in Wuqiao Economic Development Zone, a famous acrobatic town in the world. It has a history of more than 18 years since its establishment. It specializes in the development and production of induction heating and induction heat treatment equipment. Forever Factory is a high-tech enterprise in Hebei Province. Now it has produced more than 1000 sets of induction heating equipment systems, which sell well in different countries. More than 200 sets of induction heating equipment have been manufactured and exported all over the country. Customers have given a positive evaluation to our Telecom.

That quality is our life is our basic concept, and continuous innovation and strict detailed process management is a reliable guarantee of product quality. The system of after-sales service system of the company is perfect to ensure that you have nothing to worry about.

Forever has more than 18 years of induction heating and heat treatment experience, bar induction hardening and tempering machine in the user’s factory operation proves our technical strength. The whole design and production will be completed in the factory. There are two important points in the induction heating treatment of steel rods.

Uniform heating: the angle between the roll shaft and the steel bar is 18°~21°, and the steel bar rotates and advances uniformly. The roller table on the conveying system uses 304 non magnetic stainless steel.

Uniform cooling: In order to meet the requirements of different hardenability, the spray system adopts multi-stage spray cooling. The pressure and flow of each spray ring can be adjusted. The workpiece is placed in the middle of the spray ring to ensure uniform pressure and flow.

Since its inception, Forever Company has adhered to its principle of “quality first, service first” to serve the majority of customers, and our Forever Company is also constantly improving after-sales service. For the bar induction hardening and tempering machine, machine quality is one important point, another important point is whether the supplier process is mature or not as the process parameters will directly effect the internal structure and mechanical performance of the workpiece.So it should be paid more attention when you are looking for the manufacturer of bar induction hardening and tempering machine.


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