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Why need to heat the billet? What are the advantages of induction billet heating furnace?

Why need to heat the billet? What are the advantages of induction billet heating furnace?

Why should steel billet be heated?

1.Decarbonization: in order to ensure the mechanical properties of products, heating the steel billet, such as high carbon steel and spring steel, can prevent and reduce its decarburization, the thickness of decarbonization at the lower part of the oxide layer is <0.15mm.

2. Oxidation Burning Loss: In order to increase the yield of billet and reduce the oxidation burning loss in the process of billet heating, it is required that the oxidation burning loss rate should not be exceed 17%.

Induction billet heating furnace has a history of nearly one hundred years. Since 1980s, with the rapid development of technology and production technology, the induction billet heating furnace has also developed rapidly, and has made a breakthrough in the reliability and operation efficiency and so on, showing a wide market prospect. In 2014, Forever first developed 7500KW type induction billet heating furnace, which has written a new chapter in the history of induction heating furnace. After further strengthening, the induction billet heating furnace provides a powerful guarantee for zero emission, no noise, power output control function.

When the induction billet heating furnace is operated, the boost mode can complete the acceleration faster, reduce the power consumption and speed up the response and dynamic process. The maintenance cost is greatly reduced and the maintenance is convenient, which are two other advantages of billet reheating furnace. The imported electronic components can be installed on the induction billet heating furnace, and can also be installed in combination with different driving combinations.

The advantages are as follows:

1.The economy is good. The unit is always running in an efficient working area to achieve maximum economic performance.

2. The maneuverability is good. The motor speed of medium frequency induction billet heating furnace is easy to adjust, which makes the equipment obtain excellent maneuverability.

3. Good security. Once the main engine important parts or shafting failures happen, the system will stop to work and has warming lights, greatly increasing the safety and reliability.

4.The noise is low. Running at constant speed greatly reduces vibration and noise and improves the comfort level of workers.

Personalized solutions provided, Forever engineer will help you to build the best induction billet heating furnace for our plant according to their years’ experience.

The billet induction heating furnace is specially designed for mass production to meet the needs of large scale workpiece production such as billet. Whatever the installation requirements of any particular equipment, any unique application of personalized solutions is the reason why Forever induction heating furnace enjoys worldwide fame.


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