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Why is bar heat treatment furnace so popular in the world, do you know the reason ?

Why is bar heat treatment furnace so popular in the world, do you know the reason ?

The investigation shows that the bar heat treatment furnace of Forever has been welcomed and affirmed by the users of steel bar enterprises at home and abroad. It is very popular for the heat treatment plants such as grinding rod, torsion bar, sucker rod, drill collar and so on. The market share is high. These two data not only establish the industry status of Forever. It also shows the good reputation of Forever bar heat treatment furnace in the user’s mind. Then why is Forever bar heat treatment furnace popular in the market? There are many secrets that we have to say.

Induction heat treatment equipment is more classified and more comprehensive

Different from the general manufacturers, it has strong strength and excellent technology, and the bar heat treatment furnace has large power and can be available for different size of bars heat treatment as the power supply has function that the power and frequency can be adaptive automatically .

The characteristics of bar heat treatment furnace are considerable

1. The improved model and structural design have beautiful appearance and high intrinsic connotation, so as to achieve high production and high efficiency operation.

2. Compact and reasonable combination of structure, small footprint, cost saving funds, installation and operation is more convenient;

3.Touch screen, intelligent operation interface, complete protection device design, ensure operation safety and convenience;

4.Electromagnetic induction heating technology, heating workpiece with uniform temperature, small deformation, beautiful appearance, a wide range of industrial applications, high value;

5. Induction heat treatment equipment realizes non hazardous materials such as dust, noise, waste gas and smoke and so on, so as to realize energy saving production.


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