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Why heat treatment equipment is so popular!

Induction diathermy furnace  by virtue of better quality and good market reputation, won the majority of users praise and favor, then how can this metal heating equipment so favored by users? The following editor from the design, performance, safety, reliability, efficiency, environmental protection and many other aspects of the detailed analysis for you.

Design: the unique use of mechanical and electrical integration structure design, by the medium frequency power supply, automatic feeding, feeding mechanism, conveying system, heating system and control system and other equipment combination, unit integration, strong set-up, compact structure of the whole machine. The automation degree in the production process is higher, can effectively reduce the enterprise production cost.

Performance: the high efficiency equipment is driven by frequency converter, the stepless adjustment is realized in the production process, the user can automatically control the running speed of induction heating equipment, adjust according to their actual production demand, and have high controllability.

Environmental protection: the heating principle of the energy-saving induction heating equipment is special, the metal workpiece is machined by electromagnetic principle, and the metal workpiece is processed by inductor in the form of non-contact. During the processing process, waste smoke and dust are not produced to pollute the environment.

Safety: the PCL touch screen control system used in the intelligent intermediate frequency heating furnace has a high degree of automation, can realize remote control and real-time observation, can automatically display real-time data, carry on analysis and detection, have strong controllability, and the corresponding time is fast. The safety is high.

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