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Which factory of steel pipe heating furnace has good quality?

Which factory of steel pipe heating furnace has good quality?


Forever Furnace steel pipe heating furnace ,steel pipe heating system is equipped with automatic feeding system,discharging machine closed water cooling system and steel billet induction heater according to customers’ requirement.Provided professional induction heating solutions free of charge,we have powerful sales services to ensure the steel pipe heating furnace running normally.

Key features for steel pipe heating furnace:

1.High heating efficiency—energy saving
2.Fast heating speed—No surface oxidation

3.High heating temperature—the surface and the core temperature is the same,the performance is stable

4.Easy to achieve automatic control–saving
5.Good working environment — almost no heat, noise and dust.

 Steel pipe heating furnace application:

●Welding:Cutting tools, drilling, cutting tool, woodworking tool,brazing, reamer, milling cutter, drill,glasses frame, steel pipe and copper pipe welding and so on.

●Heat treating:Quenching,tempering and annealing for Gear, machine tools, hardware tools, pneumatic tools, power tools, hydraulic parts,stainless steel pipe and so on.

●Diathermy and forming:Heating,annealing,stretching for Standard parts, fasteners, large work pieces, small hardware,steel pipe and so on.

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Post time: 02-10-2016