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Which company is stronger for Induction hardening and tempering equipment for bars?

Which company is stronger for Induction hardening and tempering equipment for bars?

Hebei Forever is a large producer of Induction hardening and tempering equipment in China. It has been widely used in the field of all kinds of metal materials due to its high heat efficiency, uniform heating, low burning loss rate and accurate control of heating temperature. Because of the accurate control of heating temperature, the quality of forgings can be improved, and the effect of heat treatment after forging can be guaranteed. The equipment adopts prestressed structure, with great strength, long life and convenient maintenance.

Process production process:
Conveying roller feeding→induction heating→induction quenching →cooling→ induction tempering → discharging

The Induction hardening and tempering equipment is composed of a control part, a mechanical transmission part and an induction heating part. The inverter and motor are composed of feeding and quick discharging AC speed regulating drive system. Taking the IGBT medium frequency induction heating power as the core, through the PLC centralized control, the system process control is completed.This can achieve the high efficiency of the system, high quality products and high consistency of performance.

Induction hardening and tempering equipment details

1.The heating rate is fast, and the oxidation decarbonization is less

Because the principle of medium frequency Induction hardening and tempering equipment is electromagnetic induction, its heat is due to the production of the workpiece itself, the heating mode is fast, the oxidation is very little, the heating efficiency is high, the process repeatability is good, the metal surface only is very slight decolorizing, the surface can be restored to the mirror light, so the constant and uniform material can be obtained the consistent material performance.

2. The intermediate frequency induction heat treatment furnace is highly automated. After one key start, automatic operation can be realized and labor productivity can be increased.

3. The heating is uniform and the precision of temperature control is high
The inductor is produced according to the size of the user’s workpiece, and the heating is uniform, and the temperature difference of the heating core is small. The temperature can be controlled accurately by the temperature control system to ensure the repeatability of the product.

4. The replacement of the induction heat treatment furnace is simple and convenient
According to the size of the workpieces, the induction with different specifications is required. All the furnace bodies are designed with quick connection of water and electricity, which makes the furnace body replacement simple, fast and convenient.

5. Complete equipment protection

Forever induction hardening and tempering equipment has protections for water temperature, water pressure, phase deficiency, overvoltage, over current, pressure limiting / limiting, starting over current, constant current and buffer starting, which makes the equipment start smoothly, the protection is reliable, and the operation is stable.

6.Low energy consumption and no pollution

The heating efficiency is high compared with other heating methods, it effectively reduces energy consumption, and the equipment meets the environmental protection requirements.


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