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Where to find the excellent hot – rolled billet heating induction furnace?

Where to find the excellent hot – rolled billet heating induction furnace?

The intelligent induction heating furnace can be said to be the trend of industrial development today. It is based on the intellectualization of plant equipment, modernization of management and computerization of information, and it reaches a new stage. Throughout the world production, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and the wave of industrial change have been swept through the new industry, new models, new formats, and a new pattern of mass consumption.

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Compared with the ordinary billet heating furnace, the billet heating induction furnace has the following advantages:

1.High efficiency: the hot rolling billet heating induction furnace can realize the processing of many kinds of blanks, in which it can include the heating treatment of billet, rolling and so on. It can achieve high automatic control, monitoring and so on, and can meet the production needs of 24 hours without stopping the machine.

2.Energy saving: hot rolled billet heating induction furnace operation is simple, only one worker can control the production process of the whole equipment, thus reducing a large number of labor costs. Secondly, the corresponding auxiliary equipment is reduced, and the utilization ratio of the space is improved. In addition, due to the use of intermediate frequency power equipment, corresponding to the reduction of a lot of single-machine equipment, it also saves electricity and reduces maintenance costs.

3.Personalization: hot rolled billet heating induction furnace can meet different users with different workshop characteristics and different billet material according to the actual needs to design the optimal plan.

4.Modern chemical factory image: billet heating induction furnace will reduce the pollution in the production process to the bottom of the production process, so that the clean production workshop can be maintained; the cleaning is more convenient, and finally the automatic production of unmanned production can be realized.


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