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What should be possessed by the rejuvenation industry of bar heat treatment furnace?

What should be possessed by the rejuvenation industry of bar heat treatment furnace?

With the continuous improvement of China’s economic status and the continuous development of China’s bar industry, our country’s bar products are also more and more exported to other countries. The increase of overseas demand has directly led to the increase in production of domestic bar heat treatment furnace production enterprises. China’s metal bar has formed a large economic scale, but it has promoted domestic demand because of the development mode, industrial structure, independent innovation and brand establishment, and strives to make bar heat treatment furnace reach or close to the international advanced level. It is estimated that by 2020, the sales of induction heat treatment furnace will reach 333 billion yuan.

Under the correct guidance of general secretary Xi Jinping, China’s induction heat treatment furnace industry has formulated the industry development plan. With the development of various fields, such as rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aeronautics and Astronautics, rail traffic and so on, the level of the bar heat treatment furnace is obviously improved.

It is widely used in forging heating for rod, round steel, square steel, steel plate, steel plate, heat, local heating, metal workpiece forging (such as gear, semi axle, bearing, etc.), hot rolling, pre heating, and spray heating. The bar heat treatment furnace adopts Siemens IGBT power module imported from Germany, Fuji rectifier module and epoxy resin casting power output transformer. Based on the electromagnetic effect principle, the bar heat treatment furnace can make the bar in the alternating magnetic field achieve rapid heating and increase production capacity.

The full automatic bar heat treatment furnace has three time setting functions of heating, holding and cooling. The heating and holding power must be adjusted separately, and the desired heating and holding effect can be obtained. It can be equipped with infrared temperature measurement to realize automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify worker operation.


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