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What kind of billet heating induction furnace is the potential stock in the new era?

What kind of billet heating induction furnace is the potential stock in the new era?

The establishment of Hebei Xiong An new area is a major historical strategic choice made by the Party Central Committee at the core of Mr. Xi Jinping. It is another new area of national significance following the Shenzhen special economic zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area. It is a Millennium Project and a national event. As a rising smart city, Xiong an new area has become a hot spot for investment in all walks of life. For aerial work equipment, huge urban construction projects will bring unprecedented opportunities to induction heating furnace.

For a long time, the concept of “all solutions, all solutions to create greater value for users”, and to maintain “service winning”, continue to improve operational management and innovation capabilities, and provide safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly products for global customers, Forever is aimed at producing more intelligent and energy saving billet heating induction furnace.

Billet heating induction furnace

1.Efficiency improvement, precise temperature positioning and stable blank operation.

2.Allowing multiple functions to run efficiently at the same time, enhancing flexibility.

3. DC drive system can be used in the construction environment requiring no noise and zero emissions.

4. The billet heating induction furnace has good stability, reliable action, compact design and reasonable layout.

5. Using pressure sensor, it can realize fault alarm, small power loss and quick action response.

For any product, if we want to have a foothold in the market, we must first have excellent product quality. As a tool for users to become rich, the quality of billet heating induction furnace must come first. Most of the enterprises in the industry invest in R & D, and upgrade the product quality and production. Especially in recent years, the iterative upgrading of medium frequency induction heating furnace is more frequent. In the premise of ensuring reliability, it gradually tends to intelligence and environmental protection. This requires enterprises to have continuous innovation capital and ability to meet the growing demand of customers in the development of the times.


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