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What is the price of bar heat treatment furnace ?

What is the price of bar heat treatment furnace ?

The bar heat treatment furnace, also known as a new type of metal heat treatment furnace, is introduced the advanced management system of foreign countries. After more than 14 years of enterprise experience precipitating, Forever designs and produces a new type of induction heat treatment furnace,which has the features of the durability and stability of the traditional pipe annealing furnace, and it is also integrated into the modern concept of intelligent and high efficiency for steel bar heat treatment furnace.

At present, medium frequency bar heat treatment furnace is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, mining, oil and other industrial departments. All kinds of metal workpiece have good heat treatment effect, such as quenching and tempering for steel bars, stainless bars, grinding rod, seamless steel pipe and other metal workpieces. The induction heat treatment furnace can be used to ensure that the finished products after heat treatment are more satisfactory.

What is the price of the bar heat treatment furnace? How to buy high cost performance equipment? The premise of solving these two problems is to have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant factors that affect the price of the induction heating equipment. Because of the current market situation, different manufacturers will have certain differences in the pricing of equipment, mainly depending on the following principles:

1. Quality

Quality is cost.Good quality machines will need good quality material and advanced technology.But they are more durable and have longer service life.

2. Manufacturer

Producer ? This refers to the strength of the manufacturer, the mode of production, the mode of sales and so on. The power of the general direct selling manufacturer is strong. It adopts the mode of self production and marketing. There is no middle manufacturer to make the difference, and there is no too much cost loss. Therefore, the quotation of bar heat treatment furnace will be more real and more economical.


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