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What is the medium frequency heating equipment used for heating steel pipes? Energy saving and environmental protection?

What is the medium frequency heating equipment used for heating steel pipes? Energy saving and environmental protection?

In the new era of high and new technology, the technical requirements for the production of steel tube medium frequency heating equipment are becoming higher and higher. The new medium frequency heating equipment integrates high-yield and environmental protection, meets the needs of users with higher standards, and is applied in various industries. It is one of the best-selling products in its market.

Electric medium frequency heating equipment, that is induction heating equipment, is an advanced type of heating equipment for steel pipe, which introduces domestic innovative and high-tech level and integrates domestic mature design and production technology. It is widely used in the hot processing of seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, thick-walled steel pipe, oil casing and other pipe materials.

The medium frequency heating equipment is a kind of equipment which adopts medium frequency electric current heating. It has high power output and high energy utilization ratio. It can fully meet the requirements of large-scale manufacturers. At the same time, the medium frequency heating equipment has a high degree of automation and can realize automatic feeding and blanking processes, which can save labor costs for users, reducing the cost.

In addition, the medium frequency heating equipment produces environment-friendly low carbon to meet the needs of green production and is also loved by users.

Environmental protection and low carbon is the basic characteristics of medium frequency induction heating furnace to meet the green production needs of users to create a high standard of environmental protection requirements.

1.The source to achieve environmental protection:

The furnace body of medium frequency heating equipment adopts sealing design, producing no dust, waste steam, waste smoke and so on. At the same time, noise reduction device is installed to ensure environmental protection in production and meet the requirements of relevant departments.

2. Low-carbon self-owned methods: the pipe induction heat treatment equipment is equipped with Forever independent research and development of energy-saving digital intermediate frequency power, saving energy 20%.

The market of medium frequency heating equipment is selling very well, and its customers are from home and abroad.

With the basic characteristics of high efficiency and environmental protection, induction heating equipment for steel pipes is sold well in the market. There are many loyal users in India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines and other countries.


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