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What is the advantages of bar induction heating furnace compared with the traditional heating furnace?

What is the advantages of bar induction heating furnace compared with the traditional heating furnace?

Steel bar induction heating furnace is a kind of heating furnace adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, which are commonly used in various kinds of industry. Compared with traditional heating equipment, induction heating technology has the following advantages:

1.Induction heating belongs to internal heat source direct heating, heat loss is small, so the heating speed is fast and efficiency is high.

2. Due to the short heating time, the surface oxidation and decarburization of the parts are less than that of other heat treatments, and the reject rate of the parts is very low.

3. Bar induction heating furnace has high hardness after quenching, good plasticity and toughness for the core, low notch sensitivity, so the impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved.

4.Induction heating furnace is compact and has small footprint, which is easy to use (that is, easy to operate).

5.The production process is clean, no high temperature, good working conditions, and can be selectively heated.

6. The mechanical parts of the bar induction heating furnace have small brittle parts. At the same time, the mechanical properties of the parts can be improved (such as yield point, tensile strength and fatigue strength). The hardening hardness of the steel parts made by induction heating is also higher than that of the ordinary heating furnace.

7.The bar induction heating furnace can work with other machines as the process control can be carried out through electrical parameters.

8. The common carbon structural steel can be used instead of alloy structural steel to make parts without reducing the quality of the parts, so it can replace the complex chemical heat treatment under some conditions.

9.Induction heating is widely applied to surface hardening of parts, and can also be used for quenching of parts, which is not achieved by traditional heat treatment.

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