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What is an energy-saving steel bar heat treatment furnace

What is an energy-saving steel bar heat treatment furnace

In recent years, in the market of the induction heat treatment furnace, especially the bar heat treatment furnace has more and more significant advantage in steel, city construction and other projects. It has made great contributions to save manpower and material resources and can maximize its production capacity.

For Forever, the bar heat treatment furnace has become a popular star product. We introduced the IGBT bar heat treatment furnace, which has more stable performance and more energy saving in consumption. In addition, the IGBT air cooling power supply service life can be up to 15 year, that means you needn’t worry about the problem duing the 15 years.

The characteristics of intermediate frequency bar heat treatment furnace —— stable and reliable heating, high configuration, superior performance, low power consumption and wide application.

Special power, high efficiency and energy saving

In the power system, the bar heat treatment furnace adopts the German imported IGBT power power module, which can save more than 50% of the energy consumption, and the configuration is the best in the same level. With stainless steel roller and motor with advantage of high production, low consumption, high automation and flexible production, our bar heat treatment furnace has achieved the perfect match between the motor and the roller. The output power of the motor can be used to the maximum degree.

Excellent work efficiency and excellent performance price ratio

The bar heat treatment furnace adopts PLC console, each control button is within the scope of the worker’s reach; One worker can operate the whole system.

The bar heat treatment furnace improves the working environment and meets the needs of users. With reasonable heating furnace and reasonable heat distribution, the bar heat treatment furnace can quickly realize various heating systems. The heating is fast and the furnace temperature is uniform. It can fully meet the heating requirements of a variety of bar material, and can effectively control the oxidation loss of the steel bars.

More strengthen design, more stable performance

As the representative of bar heat treatment furnace, the furnace has been strengthened in every part, wuch as components ,raw material, base and so on. You can also see that the alarm design has been made at the safety warning point, which has enhanced the safety operation efficiency of the equipment.


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