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What are the main advantages of billet heating induction furnace?

What are the main advantages of billet heating induction furnace?

The advantages of Forever billet heating induction furnace are that we can make a better and comprehensive understanding of the induction heating furnace of the steel billet. Only after understanding, we can make full use of billet heating induction furnace

The main advantages and disadvantages of billet heating induction furnace are:

1. There will be no difficulty in fail start due to fire.
2. Full digital control and SCR’s unique temperature patrol device is intuitive and convenient.
3. Low power consumption, good economy, long operation and low cost.
4. The whole set of equipment can be designed as full closed form, not only beautiful but also greatly improved safety; the realization of a variety of protection measures for the safe operation of equipment provides a reliable guarantee.
5. The heating speed is fast, and the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece is lighter.
6. Use flexibly and reduce the operator’s request. The complete set of equipment control is full digital, and equipped with various instrument displays, intuitionistic and convenient; the button type operation is simple and easy to learn, reducing the requirements for the operator.
7.The surface hardened layer can be controlled by adjusting the working frequency and power of the equipment as required. The martensite structure of hardened layer is finer, hardness, strength and toughness are higher.
8. High utilization rate of electric energy, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, no noise and dust, no waste smoke and exhaust gas.

It is evident from the above that the advantages of the billet heating induction furnace are numerous, so we can use it without worries. If you need billet heating induction furnace, small material and non-ferrous metal induction heating equipment, please feel free to contact with us.


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