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The wind has changed. Are you still using the old pipe heat treatment furnace?

The wind has changed. Are you still using the old pipe heat treatment furnace?

Forever is a professional manufacturer of pipe heat treatment furnace, having rich experience after supplying more than 3000 sets of induction heaters. The pipe heat treatment furnace consists of conveying system, induction heating system, quenching cooling system, discharging system, PLC console, temperature control system, medium frequency induction heating power supply, etc.

Mechanical configuration of Forever pipe heat treatment furnace: pinch roller table and individual motor drive for each shaft.

The pipe heat treatment furnace uses independent frequency converter control, so that pipes can be flexible and uniform speed forward on the roller, so that the temperature of pipes heating uniformity. It is using water-cooled roller frequency conversion drive mode feeding, the pipes can go forward at the constant speed. Also the running speed can be adjustable as per the workpiece size and hourly ouput. 
Usually we will set two sets of pyrometers at the exist induction heaters, one is set the exist after quenching induction heat treatment furnace, and the other one is set the exist after the tempering furnace.

The frame of the conveying mechanism of steel pipe induction heating furnace has enough strength and rigidity. In order to facilitate the installation of induction heating equipment, the adjustable foot is installed at the bottom of the frame, which makes the equipment of steel pipe induction heating furnace more beautiful as a whole and dampproof and rust.

According to the safety and standardization requirements of mechanical industry, all the mechanical rotating exposed parts are equipped with reliable protective covers. The pipe heat treatment furnace should meet the national standards of energy saving and emission reduction. The equipment is not only clean in appearance but also safe and reliable in operation.

The pipe heat treatment furnace is mainly used for rapid automatic quenching heat treatment of steel pipes, casings, tubing or drill pipes etc. The machine has one key control, strong automatic control and complete self-protection function.

Forever can not only provide high efficient induction hardening and tempering equipment for different material bars, pipes, plate but also can provide the solutions as per your need.



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