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The whole set of medium frequency heating equipment design plan is waiting for you to find!

The whole set of medium frequency heating equipment design plan is waiting for you to find!

What kind of machine to heat bars or pipes?

Usually there are gas furnace, resistance furnace, coal furnace, fuel furnace which can be used for heating in the industry. But here we will introduce another technology-Medium frequency heating equipment. It includes induction heater, power supply, console, conveying device etc. The specific description of each component is as follows:

1. Design and manufacture of induction heater parameters:

The parameters are optimized by computer and the efficiency can be as high as 65%. We have accumulated a lot of experience in the design of the heterotypic inductor, especially the edge compensator in our company. And the magnetic field density of the corner is strengthened with high magnetic flux, and the temperature difference between the center can be reduced greatly during the continuous heating process.

Manufacturing: the inductor uses T2 oxygen free copper winding, the thickness of copper tube wall is more than or equal to 3.0mm, the thermal insulation material of the inductor is high, the temperature is high, and the service life is longer; the inductor is encapsulated with 5mm purple copper plate, which greatly reduces the magnetic leakage and prolongs the service life.

2.PLC control system and temperature closed loop control:

The Medium frequency heating equipment of our company uses SIEMENS S7-300PLC as the center of the induction heating furnace, realizes the automatic control of the Medium frequency heating equipment, especially our closed loop temperature control system. Through three different parts, the temperature feedback signal is adopted, the medium frequency power supply and the furnace are processed by PLC and the industrial control machine. Automatic power adjustment can meet high precision heating requirements.

3. Medium frequency power supply:

The medium frequency induction heating power is the core part of the induction heating furnace, which directly affects the stability and reliability of the electric heating furnace. The intelligent main control system of the independent intellectual property right is used to realize complete digitization and all parameters can be digitalized on touch screen or remote device. The modification has the characteristics of high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and fast reaction speed. At the same time, the control system has perfect protection, such as phase loss, overcurrent, overpressure, water pressure and high water temperature.

In addition, the Medium frequency heating equipment also includes a series of conveying devices, induction control systems, cooling systems, etc.


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