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The reason why the new pipe heat treatment furnace is so hot is here!

The reason why the new pipe heat treatment furnace is so hot is here!

Under the state’s efforts to rectify environmental pollution, many heat treatment manufacturers have to limit or stop their production because of environmental protection can not be qualified, so energy-saving and environmental protection heat treatment production is the key, then how to build a reasonable and scientific green heat treatment manufacturers? Actually it is very simple. Just choose green and environment-friendly pipe heat treatment furnace.

1.New environmental protection pipe heat treatment furnace main equipment configuration

The traditional heat treatment equipment will produce dust and noise in the workshop. However, when you step into the induction heat treatment equipment workshop, you will not see the dust and smoke. The noise is controlled in the standard range.

The pipe heat treatment furnace is mainly equipped with medium frequency induction heating power supply, automatic loading table, feeding mechanism, medium frequency induction heating module, quenching spray cooling system, discharging mechanism, discharging platform, storage platform and PLC console.

Detailed configuration of specific environmental protection pipe heat treatment furnace should be according to the user’s actual workpiece size, process requirements, production requirements and other settings. If you need to understand, please call us for free consultation. One professional engineer will answer your questions.

2.The new environmental protection production line meets production standards.

In addition to meeting the market standards in environmental protection, the new pipe heat treatment furnace is more convenient and flexible in site operation, and the quality of heat treatment and quenching of steel pipes is more guaranteed, which can meet all user standards.

A.The production line is designed reasonably, the components are compact and configured to reduce land occupation and save costs.

B.Smooth operation, reduced failures, simple daily maintenance, reduce maintenance costs;

C. Energy saving and high yield. After heat treatment and quenching, the steel pipe has a bright and beautiful appearance, less oxidation and decarbonization, and the heating temperature difference from core to surface is small.


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