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The production features of pipe heat treatment furnace !

The production features of pipe heat treatment furnace !

Forever pipe heat treatment furnace is suitable for large batch production, which is conducive to the realization of mechanization and automation in the production process. It is suitable for heating simple size and small section range. For the pipe billet with large section and many varieties, it needs to be equipped with more inductors for induction heat treatment furnace, and the induction coil needs to be replaced frequently in the production process, which causes waste of time. And the pipe heat treatment furnace is more suitable for rhythms and balanced production such as 1000kg/h all the time. If the capacity varies frequently, it will cause the power waste and produce harmonic problem.

Forever pipe heat treatment furnace can achieve good heat treatment for the pipe with diameter 20-406 mm, especially we have strength for the thick wall pipes.

The technical advantages of Forever IGBT intermediate frequency pipe heat treatment furnace are:

1. IGBT is used as inverter device to provide the power needed for workpiece heating.

2.Complete equipment protection: the equipment has protections of water temperature, water pressure, lack of phase, overvoltage, over current, pressure limiting / current limiting, starting over current, constant current and buffer starting, making induction heat treatment furnace start smoothly.

3.Heating speed is fast, the workpiece oxidation decarbonization is less: because the principle of medium frequency induction heating equipment is electromagnetic induction, its heat will produce inside the workpiece. This heating method has fast heating speed, low oxidation, high heating efficiency, good process repeatability, metal surface only slightly decolorizing.

4.High degree of automation: automatic unmanned operation can be achieved and labor productivity can be improved.

5.Low energy consumption and no pollution heating efficiency: compared with other heating methods, energy consumption is effectively reduced, labor productivity is high, no pollution and equipment meet the requirements of environmental protection.

6.The temperature control precision is high, and the temperature difference is small. The temperature control system can be controlled accurately by the temperature control system to ensure the repeatability of the product.

7.The replacement of the furnace body is simple and convenient: according to the difference of the size of the workpiece, the pipe heat treatment furnacebody with different specifications and electrical configuration is expanded. All of the furnace bodies are designed to have quick replacement of water and electricity, so that the replacement of the furnace is simple and rapid.


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