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The performance characteristics of Forever pipe heat treatment furnace

The performance characteristics of Forever pipe heat treatment furnace

1.Zero voltage scanning soft start mode, pipe heat treatment furnace can start or stop at any time without impact on the power supply.

2. Induction pipe heat treatment furnace is fast heating, low production cost, low pollution and meets environmental protection requirements.

3. The Electric induction heating furnace body has a water and electricity joint, and the replacement of the furnace body is convenient.

4. The power adjustment is flexible, convenient and continuous smooth adjustment; the temperature is uniform and easy to control, the oxidation loss is less, and the metal composition is even.

5. Reasonable design, compact deisgn and small occupying area.

6. The automatic adjustment circuit of the inverter angle is designed, which can automatically adjust the matching of the load impedance without adjusting the compensation capacitance and always make the equipment run in good working state.

Forever pipe heat treatment furnace has some outstanding advantages relative to its peers.

1. The internal circulation water cooling system is arranged.

With internal circulation pure water cooling system, medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace can work for a long time without cleaning. It will not stop or damage electrical power components because of power off. Other manufacturers only require users to use tap water or groundwater to cool the power the equipment directly.But it need the users to clean the water scale regularly. And the equipment will be easily damaged due to water scale. But our pipe heat treatment furnace only need very small pure water to solve this problem.

2. With automatic circuit breaker, it has reliable protection function.

The short circuit, circuit breakage, lack of phase, power outage, discharge and other circuit anomalies of the medium frequency pipe heat treatment furnace can be quickly protected through cutting off the power, and the medium frequency electric furnace and the power grid can be protected in a timely and reliable way to ensure the safety of the production operators.


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