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The famous manufacturer of medium frequency pipe heat treatment furnace in China

The famous manufacturer of medium frequency pipe heat treatment furnace in China

More than 14 years of induction heating experience witness, Hebei Forever, professional induction heat heating furnace manufacturers, supplies medium frequency pipe heat treatment furnace, induction quenching equipment, induction tempering equipment, heat treatment annealing equipment, medium frequency quenching and tempering equipment and other heat treatment equipment, mainly applied to pipe type heat treatment such as tubing, drill pipe, sucker rod, square pipe etc.

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory specializes in intelligent automatic production of medium frequency pipe heat treatment furnace.

The intelligent automatic production of pipe heat treatment furnace produced by Hebei Forever has the functions of recording, querying and printing in data realization, automatically adjusting the closed loop control of power and temperature, real-time monitoring and display of the parameters of the electric furnace, automatic prediction of fault and alarm, and remote centralized control of the electric furnace; Produce all kinds of reports automatically.

The characteristics of the intermediate frequency pipe heat treatment furnace, which is intelligent and automatic.

The special coil design is adopted for our pipe heat treatment furnace with the rich experience and advanced process, which uses high quality materials to achieve better match of business efficiency.We are using import refractory cement in the heating coils, which an bear up to 1400℃.No matter your workpiece is round ,square or special shapes, our engineer can all design the suitable and energy saving coils.
The pipe heat treatment furnace mechanical part has the function of reversing, so the operator can reverse the pipe if there is any problem with the pipe or the machine in the next stage.

Nowadays, Forever is working hard to develop air cooling IGBT converter, which has successfully applied to the heat treatment work and bring great convenience for users.


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