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The daily maintenance of medium frequency bar heat treatment furnace

The daily maintenance of medium frequency bar heat treatment furnace

With the increasing number of medium frequency bar heat treatment furnace, if the knowledge of the maintenance knowledge of the equipment is not good, the equipment will cause some small problems. Today, we elaborate the daily maintenance of the medium frequency bar heat treatment furnace. The equipment we are using just like our own body, which must pay attention to their maintenance.

1. Regular maintenance for medium frequency bar heat treatment furnace

Regularly check and repair the bolts and tightened contact conditions of the components of the induction heating equipment. If there are loose or bad contact phenomena, replace them in time so as not to cause serious accidents.

2. Check the connection of the load regularly.

Whether it is high frequency, medium frequency or super audio induction heating furnace, regularly check the contact situation of induction coil, especially the induction coil of intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, the internal deposited oxide skin should be cleaned in time.The insulation lining which has cracks should be replaced in time.The operator should be careful observation and timely solve the problem if any problem found.

3.Clean up the dirt in the power cabinet regularly.

The interior is the assembly area of components. After a period of time, the dust will be stained to the surface of the components through gaps, so we must regularly clean up and prevent failures.

4. Check out the inlet & outlet pipe regularly.

In general, it is suggested that the users use pure water as cooling water, but the conditions of many users are different and the water quality is different. If the tap water or well water is used as the cooling water, it is easy to scale in the frequency heating equipment, which will affect the cooling effect after a long time.


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