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The bar heat treatment furnace is fast and profitable.

The bar heat treatment furnace is fast and profitable.

Steel bar is a kind of metal workpiece which is widely used in building materials and other industries. After a series of heat treatment and processing, the billet is obtained to meet the needs of production. It has been widely used in the market. At present, the design of the bar heat treatment furnace is a new “transforming “.From equipment to the site layout, to the process design, it has a great improvement, with good characteristics of “fast production, good money”, more favored by the enterprise!

1.The application range of steel bar

Steel bar, which is a fine industrial building billet and is widely used in many industrial fields, such as architecture, construction, mine, railway and so on. It is one of the main billets of various industrial machinery.

2. The equipment composition of the bar heat treatment furnace

The bar heat treatment furnace is more humanized, economical and scientific in equipment, more from the point of view of customer demand, more reasonable for the design and layout of the production line.It changed the situation of large area of old heat treatment equipment, the waste of investment, and so on, its production capacity is strong, and there will be almost no waste for equipment and space.

3.The bar induction heat treatment furnace can be put into operation quickly and makes more money

Why is the new bar heat treatment furnace can quicker put into practice and more profitable? Its equipment composition and process design are more rationalized, and the overall advantages of the production line are more prominent, which will create greater profits for customers.

1.Reasonable layout, less land occupation, saving investment, installation and operation of production line is simpler.

2.The process design is scientific, reducing failures, efficient operation, large production and high market returns.

3.Pollution-free, environmental protection, low noise, energy saving, low carbon and green operation process.

4.The long steel bar produced is beautiful in appearance, excellent in quality, and of higher utilization value, so as to create higher profits for customers.


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