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Steel tube online induction heating furnace

Hebei YUANTUO Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of steel pipe induction heating furnace . It has many well-known brand manufacturers for many years. YUANTUO has a number of independent property rights. According to your process needs, it professionally customizes the solution of steel tube online induction intermediate frequency heating furnace, and creates high-quality steel tube online induction intermediate frequency heating furnace manufacturers. YUANTUO Electric Co., Ltd. is a direct selling manufacturer with low price and free telephone consultation Offer quotation and scheme selection of steel pipe online induction medium frequency heating furnace and induction heating equipment.


medium frequency Induction heating furnace:

1. The production operation is simple, the incoming and outgoing materials are flexible, the automation degree is high, and the on-line production can be realized;

2. High heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization, high efficiency and good forging quality;

3. The heating length, speed and temperature of the workpiece can be precisely controlled;

4. The workpiece is evenly heated, the temperature difference between the core and the surface is small, and the control accuracy of the steel tube heating furnace is high;

5. Integrated design of inductor furnace body, different inductor designs have quick change joint, which is simple and convenient to change;

6. All round energy-saving optimization design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, lower cost than coal burning production;

7. In line with environmental requirements, pollution is small, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers.

YUANTUO electric machinery determines the frequency of the power supply and the required power according to the external dimension of the workpiece and the production batch, and makes the steel tube online induction medium frequency heating furnace for the work. YUANTUO has its own R & D base, production plant, professional technical personnel, in the steel tube online induction medium frequency heating furnace price is relatively favorable, direct manufacturers, low price, welcome to consult.

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