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Steel plate quenching production line

The steel plate quenching production line produced by FOREVER Electromechanical is energy-saving and environment-friendly. The steel plate quenching production line adopts new induction heating technology, IGBT water-cooled induction heating power control, low power consumption and high production efficiency. If you buy a steel plate quenching production line with high cost performance, you can find Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical, induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment, forging diathermy equipment Quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment production experience, many cases, welcome to the company!


Features of steel plate quenching production line:

The steel plate quenching production line we designed adopts double pressure rollers in the transmission design to reduce the runout in the small diameter direction. The pressure jet cooling technology is adopted. The cooling medium ejects a turbulent continuous water flow from the pressure nozzle at a certain pressure, and the continuous jet before liquid flow crushing is used to impact the steel plate for cooling. Good penetration, suitable for the environment with thick water vapor film and high cooling efficiency. When the cooling water contacts the hot steel plate, it will vaporize and form a vapor film. Because the continuous water flow strikes the surface, it is difficult to form a stable vapor film on the surface. The surface temperature drops rapidly, and nucleate boiling is the main heat transfer mode. At the beginning of nucleate boiling, the heat flux Q increases sharply. When the surface temperature of the steel plate drops below the lower temperature limit of bubble boiling, the boiling stops and the heat flux decreases.

There is a single-phase convective heat transfer region directly below the jet. With the increase of the radius from the stagnation point, there will be nuclear boiling and film boiling regions. The influencing factors of heat transfer coefficient in single-phase convection are jet velocity and cooling water temperature. In complete nucleate boiling, the temperature and velocity of free fluid have little effect on heat transfer coefficient. The radius of nucleate boiling is determined by jet velocity and undercooling. The moment of maximum heat flux at a certain position is the moment of nucleate boiling. In the case of water spray quenching in production, the quenching intensity H can reach 3 ~ 4. Under high-speed cooling, the steel plate will be completely cooled below the martensitic transformation point in a few seconds. The core is basically completely transformed into uniform and fine martensite, and the microstructure of the whole cross section of the workpiece tends to be consistent, so that the performance of the steel can be brought into full play. In the water spray cooling stage in the quenching process of steel plate heat treatment equipment, the cooling water is sprayed from the annular water spray device and converges to the workpiece surface, and the outlet pressure is up to 0.3MPa。 Fully destroy the steam film on the surface of the workpiece, which greatly improves the quenching efficiency and product quality. The matrix structure is basically transformed into martensite, and the structure is relatively uniform, which is conducive to the improvement of strength and toughness after tempering.


Do you also want to buy a set of energy-saving and environment-friendly steel plate quenching production line? Pick up the phone to consult the professional induction heating equipmentmanufacturer – Hebei FOREVER electromechanical! There are professional engineers here to provide you with detailed quotation scheme and steel plate configuration and selection to meet your different needs.


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