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Several aspects of selection and purchase of bar heat treatment furnace

Several aspects of selection and purchase of bar heat treatment furnace

With its own intellectual property rights and advanced technology, we have become a manufacturer of modern bar heat treatment furnace in the field of induction heating and heat treatment.

Bar heat treatment furnace is a kind of heat treatment furnace used to heat metal workpiece by electromagnetic induction principle. Its working principle is to convert the power frequency current into intermediate frequency current, produce alternating current, heat the workpiece placed in the induction coil to achieve the required heating temperature. The induction heat treatment furnace has high heating efficiency. It has the advantages of energy saving, less heat loss and lower production cost. Forever bar heat treatment furnace can be customized made according to the process of the user’s workpiece. According to the size of the user’s workpiece, the bar heat treatment furnace is equipped with the corresponding specifications of inductors to ensure the good heating quality of the workpiece.

The choice of bar heat treatment furnace can be considered from the following aspects:

1. Mechanical structure: The loading,  feeding and heating of the workpiece are all the key of the automatic prodution, so the user should pay attention to whether the mechanical structure part of the bar heat treatment furnace can meet the production needs of the user before choosing and buying. In addition, the mechanical structure transmission system is different according to the different shape of the workpiece, and the bar heat treatment furnace mainly adopts 304 stainless steel roller, which has fine appearance, good performance and high wear resistance.

2. Automatic control: the control system is the guarantee of the normal operation of all the functions of the bar heat treatment furnace. It is also the automatic protection for the failure and accident, so the user should know how the control system is set up in the selection.

3. Production speed: Whether it can meet the requirements of production.

4. Internal configuration: good configuration can ensure that bar heat treatment furnace can produce high quality products, so users should pay attention to their internal configuration when selecting induction heat treatment furnace for bars to choose better quality accessories.

In the future, we will further develop the technology of remote control and combine the analysis of cloud data to realize the intelligent and unmanned production workshop.


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