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Purchase of pipe heat treatment furnace must look after after-sales service!

Purchase of pipe heat treatment furnace must look after after-sales service!

Forever induction heat treatment furnace is mainly used in steel pipe, steel bar, round steel, aluminum, copper, steel plate and rod and other metal workpiece heat treatment industry. With the development of science and technology and the development of technology, the manufacturers of pipe heat treatment furnace for sales are born, and are deeply trusted by the metal heat treatment industry. Many manufacturers have started to produce pipe heat treatment furnace.

Before purchasing pipe heat treatment furnace, you have to make the comparison from the suppliers in production quality and after-sales service. For example, after you bought one set of pipe heat treatment furnace, but when it has problem during operation, how do you solve it if the supplier doesn’t supply after-sales service. Actually, only the strong supply can have after-sales service for the foreign business.

In Forever, after the user buy our pipe heat treatment furnace, we will provide complete drawings including all the parts and wiring drawings. When the pipe heat treatment furnace arrive in user’s plant, we will send technician to help to install the machine, build process parameter and give professional training for the local operators.

Steel pipe heat treatment furnace basic service after sale:

1. Provide the complete operation instructions after user buying the pipe heat treatment furnace. Usually free door-to-door installation and commissioning is provided.

2.Free to supply service of explanation and training.

We promise:

1. The warranty period of the pipe heat treatment furnace sold by our factory is 12 months.

2.After receiving the customer’s fault information, we will give response within 24 hours.

3.Users can consult the pipe heat treatment furnace related technical problems through the after sale telephone and can get a clear solution.

4. During the normal use of the pipe heat treatment furnace, the company promises the above warranty service.

5.Supply all the mechanical parts produced by our factory and give technical guidance.


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