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Professional supplier of bar heat treatment furnace in China

Professional supplier of bar heat treatment furnace in China

Our bar heat treatment furnace is more suitable for large workpiece surface quenching and tempering heat treatment process. According to customer requirements, hardening layer depth can be controlled within specified limits. The equipment is generally composed of storage table, feeding device, intermediate frequency heating furnace body, sprinkler, tempering heating, unloading table and control system. In addition, according to the needs of customers, PLC programming controller can be equipped to realize automatic control of heating, quenching and tempering.

Characteristics of bar heat treatment furnace:

1.Can heat large diameter workpiece, high efficiency and stable quality.

2.Forever uses its own unique cooling method, and the overall deformation of the workpiece decreases to the minimum.

3.The depth of the heating layer can be adjusted by the output power and frequency of the power supply.

4. PLC controller can realize batch production and ensure the hardness and stability of hardening layer.

The characteristics of the bar hardening and tempering equipment are as follows:

1.The heating speed is fast, and the oxidation is less.

Because induction heating principle is electromagnetic induction, the workpiece itself generates heat, so it has features of fast heating speed, small amount of oxidation, high heating efficiency and good process repeatability.

2.Uniform heating, the bar heat treatment furnace has temperature control accuracy. We can choose the reasonable working frequency to adjust the appropriate heating depth from the surface to get the uniform heating, the small temperature difference can be achieved through the temperature control system.

3.High degree of automation, fully automatic unmanned operation, automatic feeding and automatic discharging device.

4.Low energy consumption, no pollution induction heating. Compared with other heating methods, it has the characteristics of high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and no pollution. Under the condition of diathermy, the power consumption is less than 390 degrees per ton if heating coll billet to 1250℃..

5. Induction heater is easy to replace and occupies a small area. It can be made according to the size of the workpiece. Only need to change the connector of electricity and water, then it can work.


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