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Price of inline billet heating induction furnace?

Price of inline billet heating induction furnace?

The inline billet heating induction furnace is a special equipment to increase the temperature of steel billet surface to meet the requirements. Hebei Forever produces inline billet heating induction furnace with energy-saving and environmental protection, high production efficiency. According to the user’s production capacity and billet section size, we can design and manufacture customized billet heating induction furnace, such as 60*60-200*200mm square billet heating induction furnace, ø60-200mm round billet heating induction furnace and so on. When purchasing the steel billet heating induction furnace, our price will be different as per your different configuration and component brand.

Usually our billet induction heating furnace includes induction billet heating coils, roller conveying device, IF converter, remote console and closed-loop temperature control system. If you don’t have transformer and water cooling system, we can also provide.

The characteristics of the billet heating induction furnace are as follows:

1. Beautiful appearance, light weight, billet heating induction furnace has simple operation, no vibration, low noise, both power-saving and safe features.

2. Steel billet heating induction furnace heating speed is fast and uniform, because our billet heating induction furnace is using well-known brands of the United State pyrometer to control the temperature of the steel billet.

3. Clean: Forever billet heating induction furnace does not produce dust, also does not produce smoke, no pollution to the health of workers.

4. Full-automatic and intelligent PLC control is adopted in the temperature-supplementing and temperature-raising equipment of our billet heating induction furnace. All-digital high-depth adjustable parameters make the production efficiency higher.

5. The billet heating induction furnace is easy to operate and the personnel do not need special training.

6. Durable and economical. Input and output rollers are made of non-magnetic 304 stainless steel, wear-resistant and long service life.

7. The hardness, straightness and other conditions of the billet heating induction furnace can meet the national construction standards.


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