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Please call us at any time if your bar heat treatment furnace has problem

Please call us at any time if your bar heat treatment furnace has problem

In order to ensure the normal use and operation of the bar heat treatment furnace, it can solve the failure in time and provide timely, convenient and thoughtful service to the customers of the bar heat treatment furnace is very important. After receiving the user’s call, Forever will take actions within 12 hours.

The main work is divided into after-sale consultation, telephone answering, scheduling and on-site maintenance service. Since daily processing of large amount of customer information and timely feedback to the responsible person, the hotline of bar heat treatment furnace repair service has become the first window for serving customers.

The strength for service

In order to ensure the customer’s repair and go to the customer’s production site as soon as possible, Forever has built complete after-sales service system combing many years’ experience. At the same time, we have a special spare parts warehouse to provide full service for the customers. That is to say, whenever customers encounter trouble at any time, the company will be able to come to repair at any time.

once receiving your call, Forever after-sales team will give quick response and check the spare parts from our warehouse to try our best to solve the problem and guarantee the customer production line normal working, efficient and stable operation, reduce customer waiting time, reduce equipment shutdown risk.

After the customer’s on-site maintenance, the after-sale engineer team of Forever will also aim at the on-site training of the operation, maintenance and maintenance personnel on the customer site, answer the reasons for the problems, how to avoid, and discuss the key points in the operation and maintenance process, and let the customers see it. You can really master it.


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