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Pipe heat treatment furnace meets high speed, high accuracy and high stability performance.

Pipe heat treatment furnace meets high speed, high accuracy and high stability performance.

With the rapid development of national industry in recent years, the demand for important machinery manufacturing industries, such as high speed iron and automobile, has increased greatly, which has led to a large increase in pipe heat treatment furnace manufacturers. At the moment of vigorously carrying forward the spirit of entrepreneur and craftsman, “China made 2025″ as the first ten year action programme of the strategy of manufacturing power has achieved positive results and has become an important grasp of structure optimization and innovation development. One of the important indicators to accomplish this program is to pursue technological innovation, and it has a profound experience in the manufacturing enterprises of large induction heating equipment in the field of induction heating, which has been cultivated for nearly 14 years in the field of induction heating. Based on the technical basis of our company, the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, mechanization and automation are more adaptable to the flexibility of the metal heating industry, with high speed, high precision and high stability.

By applying the advanced microelectronic technology, such as frequency conversion technology, servo system and fuzzy control system to the traditional induction heating furnace, the mechanical transmission structure is greatly simplified. On the premise of ensuring the high precision of the equipment, the manufacturing, maintenance of the equipment are simpler and more convenient, and the operator has been got rid of heavy physical strength. The liberation of labor is conducive to the realization of civilized production, increasing labor productivity, saving energy and saving materials, and low consumption and environmental protection. It overcomes many shortcomings of the traditional single machine supporting equipment, reduces the area of the floor, and establishes the technological guarantee for the induction metal heat treatment process. More satisfied with the market demand for complete sets of induction heating furnace.

At the same time, mechanical and electrical Electric induction heating furnace has greatly improved the internal quality and accuracy of the equipment through the perfect combination of machine, electricity and liquid. The program runs reliably, the positioning is accurate, the appearance of the equipment is more beautiful, the operation is more safe and convenient, not only get better technical guarantee more suitable for mass production.

“Professional qualification, brand building” is the business objective of Forever company. “Excellent quality and reliable price” is the business purpose of Forever.Forever will continue to the development and research on the pipe heat treatment furnace energy saving and intelligence.


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