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Pin roll hardening equipment supplier

Pin roll hardening equipment supplier


Forever Furnace is the leading pin roll hardening equipment supplier in China. The user only need to tell us the pin roll size and heating efficiency,then we will give you the best price and solutions for pin roll induction heat treatment equipment. If you are interested in our pin roll hardening equipment,please send us inquiry at

shaft heat treatment equipment

Configuration for pin roll hardening equipment

1. Vertical quenching machine (SSVP50-2)                         1 set

2. IGBT power supply (SSTP150kw / 20khz)                        1 set

3. The load system (hardening transformers and capacitors) 2 sets

4. Water cooling system                                                              1 set  

5. Hardening fluid circulation system                                           1 set  

6. Fan motor                                                                                   1 set

7.Hardening inductor                                                                  2 sets

Forever Furnace typical equipment:  shaft induction hardening equipment, steel bar heat treatment furnace, steel billet induction reheating equipment, steel ball hot rolling production line.

Post time: 04-05-2016