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On Line Engineer introduces induction heating equipment

During the epidemic, the online engineer will introduce the characteristics of induction heating equipment to you. Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of steel bar heating furnace,steel pipe induction heating equipment , aluminum bar heating furnace and billet heating equipment. According to your process requirements, we will customize suitable medium frequency induction heating equipment for you.


During the outbreak, online engineers will introduce the features of induction heating equipment to you:

1. Digital air cooling induction heating power supply control of induction heating equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption;

2. Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high production efficiency, energy-saving raw materials;

3. Stable and uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference, no pollution;

4. The PLC control program of fully automatic and intelligent human-machine interface has the function of “one key start”;

5. The protection function is complete, the equipment fault has the automatic alarm function, the operation reliability is strong;

6. Automatic feeding, 24-hour continuous work, saving power, environmental protection, reducing cost and labor costs.

7. After the frequency conversion and load change, there is no need for personnel adjustment. The whole line clearing and process adjustment are simple and fast, which can meet the demand of medium and large batch production.



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Post time: 03-30-2020