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Maintenance of medium frequency long bar heat treatment line in daily use

Maintenance of medium frequency long bar heat treatment line in daily use

The daily maintenance of medium frequency long bar heat treatment line should include regular maintenance and inspection of the main components of the equipment, which not only ensures smooth production, but also prolongs the service life of Long bar heat treatment machine and components, so the manufacturer has regulations for the methods, tools and requirements for each maintenance part.

1.Check the power supply, cooling water of the Long bar heat treatment machine to see the cooling system has water leakage, blocking phenomenon, the flow has abnormal, water pressure, temperature is in the normal range or not, especially the pressurized pump cooling water circuit for the inductor need to be carefully checked, otherwise the inductor will be damaged during the heating process.

2. For bar heat treatment furnace that uses distilled water to cool large power electronic devices, it is necessary to check whether the water level of the distilled water tank is normal.

3. When the Long bar heat treatment machine is running, check whether there is abnormal display on the integrated circuit control panel, whether there is abnormal voice or odor.

4.Check the wiring of the electrical components that often have action is loosen or not, the structure has deformation or not, the instrument pointer is flexible or not, the digital data is accurate, and the axial fan rotation of the cooling device is reliable.

5.Keep the intermediate frequency long bar heat treatment machine clean, especially the high voltage output part should need frequent dust removal, decontamination, prevent creepage.

6. Record the process parameters of the heating parts on duty. When repairing and replacing components, they should be recorded on the duty diary in detail.

7.When the new process is reformulated, the transformer turn ratio, capacitor capacity and process parameters should be recorded.


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