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Main reasons for market and user preference of bar heat treatment furnace

Main reasons for market and user preference of bar heat treatment furnace

The induction heating power supply and induction heating furnace produced by Hebei Forever have been sold all over the country and even abroad. For many years, the bar heat treatment furnace has been widely used in the field of metal mechanical processing, such as railway transportation, wind power machinery, petroleum machinery, mining machinery and automobile system, which has been well received by the customers. The main reason why the bar heat treatment furnace is widely welcomed by the market and users is “energy saving, environmental protection, production consumption reduction”.

The main reasons for energy saving of bar heat treatment furnace are as follows:

1. The bar heat treatment furnace does not need to be pre heated like the previous heating method before heating the metal workpiece, but also works continuously for 24 hours without interruption.

2.It can meet the heating requirements of different types of metal workpieces, and can be heated locally.

3.The heating time can be shortened or extended by adjusting the heating power of bar heat treatment furnace.

4.The operation mode of Forever intelligent bar heat treatment furnace has manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic.

5.The foot pedal switch of the equipment is used to control the start and stop of the heating power through the pedal switch. After stepping down the foot switch, the bar heat treatment furnace start to heat, and automatically stops after setting time.

6.The heating power and heating time of the bar heat treatment furnacecan be adjusted according to requirements.

7. The heating power and the heating time can be adjusted.

8.There are heating instructions in the heating process.

9.The heating equipment of the bar heat treatment furnace has complete safety protection function, which has overvoltage, over current, lack of phase, water temperature, water pressure alarm protection and instruction, and the operator is safe and safe.

10.The induction heat treatment furnace has overcurrent reset and timing reset function.

11. Cooling water system uses water pressure between 0.1-0.3Mpa.


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