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It’s nice to have induction heat treatment furnace on bars and pipes

It’s nice to have induction heat treatment furnace on bars and pipes

In the age of science and technology, the production technology of each industry is constantly improving and changing. The induction heat treatment furnace industry is no exception. The Induction heat treatment furnace designed and produced with new high technology combines the characteristics of durability, longevity and high production. At the same time, it also combines the new advantages of intelligent, energy-saving and environmental protection, and becomes a hot sale equipment.

Induction heat treatment furnace, that is, induction heating equipment, referred to as intermediate frequency quenching equipment, is an induction heating equipment for bars and pipes quenching and heat treatment process. It is a large output equipment in the ranks of heat treatment equipment. It is high efficiency, energy saving, high yield, intelligence, low carbon and environmental protection. It is a good way of heat treatment plant for heat treatment plant.

1. The Induction heat treatment furnace is more productive.

Induction heat treatment furnace is a non standard custom product. The users need to provide workpiece size, quenching process requirements and production output and other related parameters, so that the bar induction hardening and tempering machine manufacturers can better customized make the production of induction heat treatment furnace for users. The whole power output of the power supply is more than 99% of the start-up rate, and the heating is highly matched with the workpiece to improve the heating efficiency and production output.

2.Intelligent and efficient Induction heat treatment furnace is easier.

(1).The complete protection system design, equipment safety, simple maintenance, save labor and time costs;

(2). The new PLC automatic control system is more reliable and intelligent. It can operate remote computer equipment without on-site staff.

(3). Induction heating, simple process, high workpiece heating efficiency, beautiful appearance and small deformation after processing.

(4).High efficiency and yield increase, and quenching heat treatment is simpler.

(5).Electric heat transfer non-contact direct heating, production of pollution-free, energy saving and environmental protection production.

3.Thoughtful service for induction heat treatment furnace


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