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It’s amazing that new design and more efficient pipe heat treatment furnace.

It’s amazing that new design and more efficient pipe heat treatment furnace.

Combined with the European innovative technology concept, Forever designed a new high efficiency pipe heat treatment furnace, which has become the industry’s favorite equipment and exported to many countries at home and abroad, it is really amazing ! What are the advantages of pipe heat treatment furnace? Forever will introduce to you.

Firstly, Forever pipe heat treatment furnace is a bright spot.

Induction heat treatment furnace is a kind of equipment for heat treatment of all kinds of metal workpiece. It uses medium frequency electric current to heat the workpiece directly in the form of non-contact. It has fast speed and high efficiency. Each of the workmanship details for components are seriously responsible for manufacturing, the whole structure is more novel, compact and more scientific, so that the quality of pipe heat treatment furnace is better and the appearance is more beautiful, and it has become one of the highlights of its own sale.

Secondly. Forever pipe heat treatment furnace has prominent advantages and higher yield.

1.Continuous production, continuous heating, more efficient, production output is several times than the general heat treatment heating equipment.

2. The heating efficiency is high. The metal parts after heat treatment are of high quality and have higher processing value.

3. It is divided into two types of heating methods, namely, the whole and the part.

4. Energy saving, electricity saving, water saving, durability, and fewer failures, saving a large number of cost funds every year.

5.No dust, no noise to achieve environmental production indicators.

Thirdly, Forever pipe heat treatment furnace price is more attractive.

The price of the pipe heat treatment furnace is particularly economical, and it will be more affordable than the ordinary manufacturer’s equipment. It is very attractive to the customers to maintain its price while guaranteeing the quality and performance better. Why is the price of the intermediate frequency pipe heat treatment furnace cheaper?

(1)Factory direct selling, no difference;
(2) Manufacturers management, production methods, production is lower;
(3) The manufacturer has good reputation.


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