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It is reasonable to choose a new generation of energy saving and environmental protection bar heat treatment furnace.

It is reasonable to choose a new generation of energy saving and environmental protection bar heat treatment furnace.

Hebei Forever is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and operation of induction heating complete sets of equipment in China. High and intermediate technical personnel account for one third of the company’s total staff; The company has outstanding innovative consciousness and scientific and technological ability to tackle key problems, advanced computer control and power electronics application technology, as well as rich bar heat treatment furnace manufacturing and heating rolling process experience. At the same time, it has long-term and close cooperation with many state-owned enterprises.

Reasonable selection of medium frequency heating equipment is very important, and the progress of heat treatment proves this point very well. Medium frequency heating furnace is the most important equipment in the field of heat treatment of metal workpiece, and it is also the first place in people’s consideration, and it will always be in this position in the future. This kind of heat treatment equipment also undertakes the 70% task of heat treatment. The development of many intermediate frequency heating equipment technology is closely following the progress of machine and equipment. Moreover, this technology has also achieved a very important position in the field of heat treatment because of saving energy and reducing energy consumption and high productivity.

In many industrialized countries, a complete heat treatment system with large capacity and long furnace life has been established, which is mainly composed of induction heating equipment. Previously in China, the capacity of the furnace is relatively small, the age is also relatively short, but just suitable for production at room temperature. In recent years, our country’s induction heating furnace heat treatment technology has embarked on the road of large capacity, long life, high efficiency and energy saving, sending hot air outside.

This mode of progress is also suitable for China’s current production conditions and industrial technology, but also more suitable for the progress of the heat treatment of workpiece production industry needs. Relevant departments of the state also recommend the use of a new generation of intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, while clearly pointing out the development direction of induction heat treatment equipment at this stage in China.

Our company has been focusing on production: induction heating equipment, medium frequency induction furnace, medium frequency power supply, forging heating furnace, steel bar quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, billet heating furnace and other heat treatment and heating equipment. With advanced technology, high quality, excellent service, we wholeheartedly serve the large number of users at home and abroad.


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