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Is there more mature bar heat treatment furnace manufacturer in China?

Is there more mature bar heat treatment furnace manufacturer in China?

The steel bar heat treatment furnace is a non-standard customized product. Each manufacturer gives different proposal, different equipment and different prices. After years of development, China’s bar heat treatment furnace technology is more mature than foreign countries, but in some strong areas, there are still some differences compared with foreign countries. But in the field of induction heating, China has been in the leading position.

In many bar heat treatment furnace manufacturers, Forever is a manufacturer specializing in induction heat treatment furnace for nearly twenty years. There is a leading role in the field of induction heating. At the technical level, the company has independent intellectual property rights control technology. In 2008, it completed the first domestic production line for grinding rod conditioning.

The bar heat treatment furnace is designed and produced by Forever in China, and the products components are all famous international brands. The quality and reliability are stable. It breaks through the shortcomings of the traditional heating methods in technical extension. There are major breakthroughs in environmental protection, energy saving, production efficiency and product quality. Forever bar heat treatment furnace is not only of excellent quality, but also has a breakthrough development in after-sales service.

Forever bar heat treatment furnace to conquer users is not only a breakthrough in quality, but also a change in service. We will understand the connotation of service and find out the requirements of customers. For many years, we have formed a strict production management system, senior engineers, professional induction heating experts and perfect after-sales service system, forming a strong induction heating manufacturer.


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