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Intelligent bar heat treatment furnace solutions and service suppliers

Intelligent bar heat treatment furnace solutions and service suppliers

The bar heat treatment furnace is a new type of induction heating equipment used in the development and production of mechatronics. It is mainly used in the heat treatment and processing of various metal bars, such as grinding bars, torsion bars, thread bars, deformed bars, stainless bars so on. The bar heat treatment furnace has become the essential equipment for the steel bar industry and the oil industry and other fields.

Structure combination of bar heat treatment furnace

The bar heat treatment furnace is designed in an integral way, and the feeding, conveying, heating and blanking are completed automatically, and the operation is more flexible. The main components of electric bar heat treatment furnace are mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply, mechanical system, induction heating system, control system and so on. The integrated structure makes the application of equipment more convenient.

Secondly. What is the characteristic of the bar heat treatment furnace

1.Flexible configuration, small space occupancy

Bar heat treatment furnace has combination form, working more flexible, which makes the field work more convenient, save the material transportation time and cost; step type feeding mode, the workpiece runs smoothly, the bar heat treatment furnace can heat the workpiece as a whole or local, small volume, less area, free from field limits.

2. High output and more reasonable output

Equipped with IGBT power supply to achieve high power production to meet the requirements of high production standards. The bar heat treatment furnace flexible operation, and other mechanical equipment can be one parts of continuous production line.

3.More durable, super intelligent

The selection of parts is more attentive and workmanship, which makes it more wear-resistant, the number of maintenance is reduced by 45%-50%, and the service life is greatly extended; at the same time, the concept of automatic control system is integrated, and the operation is simpler and the heating operation is more efficient.

4. Energy saving and more environmental protection

The quality of the motor is better, the electricity consumption is saved, and the low temperature environment can be overcome. It can work under the environment of -20 C. Furthermore, the electric induction heat treatment furnace of steel bars is equipped with electromagnetic induction principle to reduce working dust, noise, waste gas, waste smoke and so on, and can truly meet the environmental breakage standard.

Thirdly. What do you think of the bar heat treatment furnace factory?

Bar heat treatment furnace manufacturers in the market can be described as countless, the strength of the various manufacturers, the quality of production equipment, quotations are all different. From the comprehensive data, Forever bar heat treatment furnace is a good choice. If you want to have an in-depth understanding of the electrical and mechanical strength or equipment of the company, please contact us or visit the factory at any time.


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