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Induction slab heating furnace

Induction slab heating furnace


Forever superior quality ranges of Induction slab heating furnace is used on large industrial scale and are optimum in performance. We follow the market developments and provide secure and sustainable Induction slab heating furnace which is high in demand. These advanced ranges of Induction slab heating furnace is well tested by quality analyst and are available at the most nominal market prices.

Induction slab heating furnace unique advantages:

1. Compact structure design, small cable loss, low energy consumption per unit of production.

2. High degree of automation;available for full operation;reducing labor intensity greatly.

3. Wide application can be used for different sizes of slab heating without changing the transmission device.

4. Simple operation, convenient maintenance.

5. Save money: saving 90%, saving 100%, saving plant covers an area of 70%

6. Save time: increasing more than four times efficiency ,reduce 80% operators;

7. Reliable: uniform heating, absolutely clean, help to improve the quality of assembly;

8. Safety: built-in thermal protection system, no fire hazard;

Forever is engaged in producing many kinds of induction heating equipment like induction hardening furnace,induction billet heater,long bar hardening and tempering production line  and steel ball production line with rolling mill.If you are interested, please contact us


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