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Induction heating steel bar

Induction heating steel bar

Forever Induction heating steel bar equipment is manufactured as per user’s needs with full automatic system using PLC & digital display. Both vacuum tube & solid state Induction heating steel bar equipment are available for heating a wide variety of steel products like steel bar,steel pipe, steel billet,steel slab and so on.

High degree for steel bar induction heating equipment

1) The implementation of the entire computer control, all process parameters stored in the PLC. As long as the operator start the corresponding process parameters, then the equipment system will start.

2) The friendly man-machine interface: the operator  does not need special training, then he can operate the induction heating steel bar equipment, and the product quality has nothing to do with the operator

Features for induction heating steel bar equipment

1.Small size, light weight, easy to install, the operation is very convenient;

2.High efficiency, energy saving is very obvious than the traditional high-frequency equipment.

3.Safe and reliable, no million high voltage, the operator is very safe.


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