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Induction heating application in tubing heat treatment line

Induction heating application in tubing heat treatment line

Forever tubing heat treatment line includes automatic feeder, tubing induction heater, quenching box, tubing tempering induction heater, remote console and medium frequency induction heating power supply.Tubing heat treatment line system is controlled by PLC with features of energy saving and low consumption.

Tubing heat treatment line performance characteristics:

1.The production is simple, flexible feeding and unloading, high degree of automation, online production can be achieved;
2.Fast heating speed, less oxide skin and high efficiency as the heating way is induction heating;
3.Professional customized man-machine interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions.
4.The tubing can be heated uniformly with accurate temperature adjustable control;
5.Small temperature difference from the surface to the core.
6.Connector is easier to change.

Forever induction heat treatment line can also be used for sucker rod, drill rod, drill pipe, casing, stainless pipe, seamless pipe etc.


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